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Dental Lab Technicians

A Dental Laboratory Technician creates dentures, bridges, crowns and orthodontic appliances by following a dentist’s written instructions. They work with a variety of materials such as waxes, plastics, precious and non-precious alloys, porcelains and others to fabricate dental restorations and tooth replacements.

Dental laboratory technicians can work in a variety of settings as well as own their own laboratory. They may work in a dental office, dental school, hospital or for a dental manufacturer or supplier.

While college level education is encouraged, careers can begin without college level courses through on-the-job-training in dental laboratories or dental offices. Some lab techs receive training through two year accredited programs.

There is a current demand for dental laboratory technicians and owning your own business is often an option. Dental laboratory technology offers an excellent career opportunity for the nontraditional student. Compensation depends on responsibilities, geographic location and other factors.

For more information, please visit the National Association of Dental Laboratories at

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